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Engines, Turbines, Servos, Gyros, Electronics, Tuning ...
Motoren, Turbinen, Servos, Gyros, Electronik, Tuning ...

RC Model Brands

Links to Flight Clubs and International / National Federations.

First Person View, On Screen Displays, Flight Cameras, GPS Modules etc.

Helicopter Fuselages and Canopies.
Helikopter Rümpfe und Hauben.

Everything that has more than 2 rotors
Alles mit mehr als 2 Rotoren
Quadrocopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter, ...

Specialized Companies for RC Scale Helicopters.

Spezialisierte Firmen für Scale-Helikopter.

Magazines and News.
Magazine und Nachrichten.

Where can I buy my gear?
Wo kann ich Was kaufen?

Training Schools and Flight-Simulators.
Schulungen und Flug-Simulatoren.